Steel Plate Electro-Etching Experiments / by Anna Olafsson

I have been trialling some steel plates in the ferrous sulphate electro-etching tank in my home studio, and have finally had the chance to print some of them! I’m delighted with the results at 1V - really crisp, clear and sharp lines. 0.5V is perhaps a little too light for lines but works well for tonal effects.

I made up a line testing plate at 1V (left side) and 0.5V (right side) to show the difference between the lines - the very fine ones do show up, and I think there is quite a good variety of line. I will test 1.5V next to see if there is any difference, and perhaps even 0.75V to see if there is a little bit more variation.

Systems of Belief is looking better than I could have predicted! Just some burnishing on this one and I think I may leave it at that.

I will go back and etch The Storytellers plate and will add some electrotint to this one. (This one and the triangular plate are still under the drying boards!)

Chinagraph pencil resist worked well on the triangular plate, but I think I will go back and scrape out a bit of the texture on the faces, or electrotint them so they are more shadowy. There’s always more to do!

Here are some images from the printing day, always great getting to print at the DCA studio: