Where Did I Learn How to Electro-etch? / by Anna Olafsson

Last July I attended the residency-workshop of Alfonso Crujera in Gran Canaria. Here is a selection of photographs from the residency, taken by Alfonso as I was working. For two weeks I worked around the clock, making and printing plates, and receiving 1-1 tuition in a variety of different electro-etching processes each day. For a summary of my time at the residency follow this link - http://www.en.crujera.com/residency/resident-artists-2018/anna-olafsson---july-2018--/

It is well worth taking some time to explore Alfonso’s website and learn about the techniques in electro-etching that he is pioneering - they are really exciting.

It is amazing that this process is seldom practiced here in the UK, as the results are so beautiful. Electrolytic engraving is a technique dating back to 1840, invented and patented by Thomas Spencer, carver and gilder, and John Wilson, a Lecturer in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool. You can actually see a copy of the original patent here on Cedric Green’s excellent website, another must-see for electro-etchers - http://www.greenart.info/galvetch/appndx2.htm

It is my mission to bring this fantastic technique to as many print studios as I can, building on the innovative safe-etching techniques which already exist here in Scotland. My dream is to make this process available to as many printmakers as possible, so that we can move away from the traditional acid and solvent-heavy practices in our printmaking departments.