Etching With Anna Class Reviews:

“Brilliant! Anna is a fantastic teacher, learnt so much, produced so much! Absolutely fantastic weekend, highly recommend.”

“Fantastic - learned so so so much! I hope there will be an Electro-Etch 2”

“Excellent course, definitely recommend. Will use the process again in the studio, thank you very much.”

Artist and Master Printmaker Alfonso Crujera writing about my time at his workshop/residency in Gran Canaria, July 2018 -

“Anna Ólafsson is an artist with a dual nationality, British and Icelandic. She is the first of the two young artists under thirty who will attend the residence this year and who will receive free residency assistance, although for her training in electro-etching she received extra funding from The Hope Scott Trust, Murray Beith Murray Solicitors, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In spite of her youth Anna has great experience in the field of traditional etching. She started making etchings in secondary school with the Scottish artist Alasdair McMorrine at the age of 13. Now she is 25, but her experience is extensive and she has remarkable style and concentration for her youth. She is a Fine Art (2015) and MFA Art and Humanities (2016) graduate from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, UK.

However Anna Ólafsson is not only an expert and passionate printmaker, she is musician who plays Scottish folk music on the fiddle, and she is also an experienced performance artist.

During her stay she has made some exquisite etchings because in her drawing style the delicate line plays a very important role and the electrolytic etching is ideal for this kind of drawing.” -

Exhibition Reviews:

“Further down the corridor is the work of Anna Olafsson. A small wooden stool sits in the middle of the room surrounded by a large sheet of abstract drawings in black ink on canvas – a personal musical score. Olafsson embodies the fusing together of music and art, specifically the violin, focussing on drawings of the Perthshire landscape and transforming them into movement, spontaneity and life. Facing the stool is emotive video work of Olafsson performing her scores in situ. Accordingly, this performance can be seen live between 11am and 3pm at weekdays and all day long at weekends." - Amy Crawford for DURA Dundee -

“Anna Olafsson is a fiddle player and artist. The shapes of her bow-strokes are given visual form resulting in tonally delicate, arcing, semi-abstracted internal landscapes.“ - Giles Sutherland, for The Times -

“Down at the far end of the level five Fine Art corridor, Anna Olafsson’s lengthy work immediately catches the eye. Stretching out beneath four eye-catching frames of print which perfectly capture the essence of folk music, her work is brimming with beautifully textured titles of “Tunes” which have stuck in her head since her adolescent attempts at the fiddle. Through her aptly named ”The Tunes in my Head”, ending at the ”Tunes at my Feet”, Olafsson offers a guided experience connecting the sensuousness of fiddle strokes to the material locations where she learnt the tunes themselves, making for a complex and noteworthy project.” - Dominic Younger for DURA Dundee -

“Anna Olafsson’s exploration of the music she plays as a traditional fiddler translates elegantly into visual motifs.” - Susan Mansfield for the List -